Meet the Creativa Team

  1. Pisces with a Sagittarius moon, always giving my all in the cosmic dance of emotions!
  2. First-gen Cuban-American proudly sipping cafecito and savoring croquetas – essential parts of my cultural identity!
  3. Travel enthusiast soaking up inspiration from diverse cultures and architectural wonders.
  4. Italian food aficionado
  5. My love language is a blend between acts of service and quality time!
  6. Tia of 6 and the smallest sibling of 6, surrounded by the love of family, fiancé, and adorable fur babies!

Fuelled by a passion for creating unforgettable moments, my journey into event planning began organically, as I joyfully orchestrated gatherings for friends and family. The pivotal moment came six years ago when I transformed my grandmother's birthday into a vibrant Cuban-themed celebration. It was then, amid the laughter and shared happiness, that my loved ones insisted this was my true calling. Since then, my path has been a beautiful blend of challenges and triumphs. Every event is a canvas where I paint memories, and the joy of witnessing recurring clients celebrate their milestones is my greatest reward. Join me on this journey of turning dreams into reality, one event at a time.

Natasha Benitez

my sweet fur babies

boss babe

Facts about me! xo

Adel Castillo

The heartbeat of our team – my partner, fiancé, and the logistical wizard behind our events. From setups to deliveries, he keeps everything running smoothly while bringing a sense of calm to the chaos. His dedication turns our visions into reality, making every event a success.

Mi Amore

Andrea Hernandez

Our Creativa project manager. Andrea helps us with design, project management and communications. She is our latest addition to the team and we don't know how we've done it without her. 

Delia Alamo

Meet Delia – not just my sister but a vital part of Creativa and Co. She plays a key role in day-of coordination, setups, and adds her touch behind the scenes, contributing to the magic that makes our events truly special.

Making memories from all the fun!


After a year or so, cake-making turned into invitation designing, assembling centerpieces, ordering chairs and linens along with entertainment and venue hunting. It quickly evolved into planning all of the aspects of fifteens, baby-showers, birthday parties and weddings, including destination weddings. I can say it’s been in the works for over six years, but over the last three years, I’ve focused on building long-lasting friendships and partnerships with numerous clients and vendors in the South Florida area.

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"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success."

- Swami Sivananda